To Do Or Not To Do: A Conference Dilemma

Most fields of study as well as businesses develop with the interaction of people with like minds. Their collaboration will, most likely than not, spark new ideas elevating the particular field. The best place for this a conference but many organizations and, even individuals, shun from organizing conferences thinking that the task is too demanding.

Here are a few basic steps for organizing a conference with less pressure and more results.


The success of any event is directly attributable to the plan. So decide on a date (or dates) to hold the conference and plan your work ahead. Come up with a timeline indicating what to be done when. This will eliminate the need for last minute adjustments which will be hectic and may even have an adverse effect on your reputation as a planner.

Never forget that you are organizing an event for professionals and, therefore, there should be class and professionalism.


Of course, nothing can be said to be properly planned unless you have devised an appropriate budget. The expenses that will have to be incurred in securing a venue to hold the event, the expenses for providing the required facilities, the payments to the speakers and other resource persons, advertising expenditure, etc. needs to be taken into account and, according to the expected profit margin, the participants fee should be decided.

Choose a venue

One of the key contributors towards the success of an event is the place where you will be holding it. It can be one of the popular perfect 21st function venues you are acquainted with but should have the capacity to cater to the needs of serious adults who will be attending the conference to gain knowledge and to develop their networks.The selected place should most definitely be able to house all the guests, should be easy to access and should have a spacious car park. It should also provide quality food and beverages.

Your stress levels will significantly be reduced if the place you chose has the state of the art technical equipment and competent staff knowledgeable in new technologies to assist in achieving the best quality presentations so that the speakers will not be interrupted by technical issues.

Further, having meeting rooms for hire Northern Suburbs Melbourne will be an added advantage as the participants may wish to conduct confidential discussions or enter into agreements with their newly developed network of peers.

Select speakers

The presenters that are chosen for the conference should unquestionably be knowledgeable on the subject matter. They can be popular orators or aspiring ones, but they should be able to sell the event. The attendees should be able to gain new knowledge or at least develop existing knowledge by attending the conference.


Remember “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So ensure to include at least one entertainment segment in the event depending on the duration. It may be a dinner dance or even a cultural event.

Lastly, do not forget to check your progress against the timeline and, if you are deviating, enlist the help of more people or obtain more resources provided that your budget is sufficient.