Tips On Throwing An Amazing Engagement Party

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Before we start with the planning, congratulations on your engagement! I know, things must be crazy around the place for you right now. Deep breaths now, because we are going start planning! Of course you will be needing all your friends and family to celebrate right? And it just has to be perfect! So as to help you out, we are giving you some tips to get things started.

  • While it is a custom that the bride’s side of the family is hosting the engagement, nowadays you will see that both groom’s and to bride’s parents work together in hosting this. Sometimes even your friends might jump into hosting the event. If no one seems to be willing to host it, think about hosting the party yourself.
  • You need to make sure that you fix a proper date. A date where you, your groom and the host is in town. But of course, I can assure you, that it is easier than fixing a date for the wedding so stress level is comparatively low. And as for the date, make sure that you decide on a day that is with in the 6 months after your engagement.
  • Then you need to decide a venue, you have so many options like event venue hire Melbourne, an outdoor reception, somewhere in the beach and so much more. You need to decide whether you want a formal one or a crazy casual one. Then decide on the place accordingly. Of course, don’t forget: you need to have a budget set for this!
  • Then comes the list of guests. So basically, you invite anyone who you plan on inviting to your wedding as well. But looking at the expenses and the amount of people in your wedding list, I suggest you try to invite the people you know you won’t be able to invite for the wedding to the engagement party, apart from the closest people that is. This will actually turn down some pressure from the wedding. Also, make sure that the function rooms or where ever the venue is capable of fitting all your guests in.
  • Once you are all good with the budget, the venue and the guest list, we can move to picking a theme for the party. This theme could be continued from the party to the wedding or have separate themes for the 2 occasions. Make sure that everything in the party is set according to theme, and try getting creative.Well, that’s about it as for the planning, hope your engagement party rocks! Fingers crossed!